Answer to those who says “Why people praise Modi so much when I can not see any visible changes around me”

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There are some people who often says that why do people praise PM Modi so much when there are no visible changes around us.

Read the below story shared by Arun Kumar on Quora and know what has changed in Modi Government.

I believe people have already stated every possible reasons.
I just want to write one instance happened with me very recently.

So recently i was traveling from Gwalior to Bangalore in Indian railways.
The berth i was alloted was in coach S3.

Very next day of journey i noticed people were moving intermittently from one coach to other.
Later I when went to washroom I realized people were moving in other coaches to use  washrooms there as latrines in our coaches were heavily blocked, were unhygienic and uncleaned.

I could sense the inconvenience being felt by passengers.

I had recently read about the app launched by indian railways to lodge a complaint.
So I simply took out my phone downloaded the app and submitted the complaint without any hope of immediate help.

Well I thought by the time it would come in notice of authorities my journey would already have got over.
Hence i forgot about the issue soon after i lodged the complaint.

Well, after couple of hours at very next major station I could sense my coach washrooms were being cleaned rigorously. I felt thankful for those people for taking care of the issue.

The train even remained halted for time more than it required just because cleaning work was in progress.

Well soon after the train left to my shock and surprise i received message from Indian railways
“Your complaint has been attended to…….”

So my point is:
Have you seen any govt. or any department of govt so responsive ?
Well I have , its present govt under the leadership of Modi and that is why people praise him.
They don’t just praise him ,they praise his work and the much more work he intends to do.

Here I am posting the screenshot of messages I received on my phone from IR.



So, this is the ‘Visible Change’. And this is why we praise PM Modi so much.