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What other PMs could not do in 60 years, Modi did it in 4 days – Read a real life story

My dad passed away about five months ago at the ripe old age of 94. He had retired as a Superintendent Engineer in CPWD, Delhi, in the year 1975 and had been receiving pension from the central govt. since 1975 to 2014 (about Rs. 40,000/-per month).
In the year 2010, he wrote to the Ministry of Pensions asking to include my mother’s name (Sharadha) as a pensioner. She’s 89 years old now, and she’s the family pensioner.
In the year 2012, due to my father’s failing eyesight, I reminded them (MoPn) by email as well as by phone. I was told that they were processing the request and will be sent the revised papers “soon”.
It was 2014, and my dad had still not received any confirmation about my mom’s name being included as a family pensioner. He passed away assuming his wife will not be the recipient of that 25,000/- Rupees per month as her pension. When I went to the bank after my dad’s demise with all the papers, they said my mom’s name was not in the pension payment order. Frustrated, I sent a copy of the earlier correspondence of 2010 to the pension ministry. Within 4 days I got an email from some clerk saying the papers will be ready within a week (not a vague “soon”).
On the fifth day, I got a phone call from a person who introduced himself as Dr. Jitendra Singh and he said that the papers with my mom’s details had been sent to the bank that very day.

I hung up after thanking him. When I checked their website, I found out that Dr. Jitendra Singh was the minister of state for pensions and
personnel grievances, reporting to a Sr. cabinet minister who was Mr. Narendra Modi himself.
When I called back to thank the minister, he modestly said it was the PM’s directive that no woman who has lost her husband recently should be further traumatized by delayed paperwork on pensions. What Manmohan Singh did not do in four years, Narendra Modi did it in just four days!


And last month when my mom had to give her life certificate to the bank, a bank officer came home to get her signature due to her old age. (Last year, I had taken my 93 years old dad to the bank with great difficulty). The bank also confirmed it was a Finance Ministry directive to treat senior citizens with extra sensitivity!!
You may decide to share if this mail brought out tears in your eyes too.

As told by Col. G. Pratap Raju to the Nationlist

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  1. jessy george says:

    Congrats for this Real Life Story! ..and I really do not understand why many Indians underestimate Namo soooo much?! May God be with Our Honorable PM…always…giving Him Good Health n Happiness!

    • Subrata says:

      Because they know their days would never be back any more. They were living on others crisis. So they never want NoMo image to be glorified.

    • Shibendu says:

      I have never heard this type of event so far in independent India for a common man
      Really our hounerable PM is looking into common man issues which is remarkable
      Wish all mighty God give him more strength to tackle such issues continuously.

    • krishna.v.s says:

      That is the way great honorable&sensible people like MODI’ji works.Iprey god to give him full strength to steer this nation to greater heights.k

    • BK Sankar says:

      Because they cannot shine when Mr.Modi is in power. Congress politicians wants to be in power and hence they are creating all kinds of nonsense within Parliament. Others regional parties doesn’t want Mr.Modi’s party in power because they don’t want to lose their identity. Mr.Modi’s know how to tackle these parties. 15 months is too short period and he requires more time.

      • Mayuri upadhya says:

        Agreed…. 15 months is not enough to clean the dirt created by the previous corrupt government…. Modi ji does need mor time…..


      Because the real hard work being done Mr.Modi and his team day and night is not reaching the people at large as the barons of both print and electronic media owing allegiance to the dynasty are intentionally, purposely and consciously blocking it, for reasons best known to them, from reaching the common man in the streets of India! They also constantly and unethically indulge indistorting Modiji’s and his ministers statements and good works and go to the extent of blatantly lying on many issues so as to build a negative image of Modiji and his government among people!!! Luckily Modiji uses social media, Akashvaani and Doordarshan effectively to communicate with the people of India!!!

      • Yashaswini says:

        Yes, and also as citizens of india we should understand how important it is to keep our society clean.
        I still see many people carelessly throwing waste on road side & walking like as if it is not there work to do.
        Indians has change and stop throwing waste on the road side.

    • Sunil Sharma says:

      Big thanks to PM Sir…!

    • sangeeta sharma says:

      By the grace of god hindustan got a workoholic and sensible all wishes for NAmO to grant long life

    • Vedamurthy says:

      My heartily happy tears to share with priminister modi sir
      To the wonderful job to respect your voter

    • Great. Atlast we have a prime minister who is sensitive and humane. Hope our people start realising the same and appreciate the work that is being carried on.

    • Trisha says:

      may every single person involved in this change stay happy and blessed…. such nobel changes must be appreciated .
      Kudos to all

    • Satish says:

      Since Modi Sir faced this problem he felt the pain and resolved in 4 days.
      Sir there are so many other issues pending like this Please look in to it.
      Please use AAdhar as central Identity for all types of workflows.

    • Shailaja says:

      Hats off to our honorable PM.

    • Braj Kumar Misra says:

      Jo sath salo me desh ko vikas nahi de sakey,saath maheeney bhee shanti se kaam nahi karne dena chahtey. JANTA sub samajhti hai .Jab bhi aur jaha bhi mauka milega jawab degi.Bihar election me dikha degi.

    • Deepika says:

      This is Awesome n Thanks to goid people who helped. But there r people still suffering my aunt is running around fore more than a year now n is in a very difficult situations after uncle passed away. She is in Shillong n gets different stories from officials as they say its not state pension n coz its a Central pension they just have to wait. It worries me seeing that family fall apart. Can I get some guidance to help them plz. Thank u for sharing.

    • Naresh Kumar Kamboj says:

      Our great PM is from a family which is a lower middle class family, He understand the feeling of a common man , So we people have a great hope from him . He is not like congress politicians who forget their background after coming into politics . So I prey to ALL MIGHTY GOD to give him energy & long life to serve the country .

    • K M J Nair says:

      Really great.Hope this continues to happen in all spheres of Administration in. Govt offices.Kudos to PM and his team

    • k.muthaiyan says:

      I wish similar treatment is extended to every senior citizen in this country

    • novey pandit says:

      My friends domestic help’s niece, age 13yrs who was unable to walk after a viral fever had come from Bihar to get medical treatment at AIIMS.
      There were a few hassles and protocols so my friend called the ministry for help and to her surprise the minister himself came on line and wanted the poor child to get treatment without any hassles.A big shock to my friend as this had never happened in the Raj of Brown Sahibs for 60 years.The child was well and can now move with support.
      God bless the Modi Sarkar and we pray the goons who divided us on cast and religion never come back.

    • Veraj Neb says:

      Wish he was so proactive on the OROP where women lost their husbands defending the country in war … and officers who served the nation selflessly only to sit on Dharna for over 90 days to no avail…. SAD .

    • जल्दी ही पूरा देश समझ जायगा कि हिंदू-विरोधी धूर्त सेक्लरवादियों ने राजनीति को धंधा बना रखा था। मोदी के तेज से ये पिस्सू अब सामने आ गये हैं।
      बिहार, चुनाव निश्चित ही अपना आशीर्वाद भाजपा को देने जा रहा है।
      वह इस बात का प्रमाण होगा।
      जय श्रीराम॥

    • SUNIL says:

      There would be many such silent stories in making on daily basis, but bad news for babus and arrogant officers, who had always felt the money going from their own pocket and use all tactics to harras their own colleagues who retires.
      Good going Mr. PM, hope the same things reciprocates in all departments and ministries for common men’s comfort.

    • Govind Rao Adapa says:

      It is GOD’s will that we are bestowed with a gift of a PM That cares one & ALL.

    • Nikhil says:

      Bcos not everyone is experiencing this kind of responses for their issues

    • Shoba says:

      Anyone who doesnt appreciate Namo shudnt be an Indian, shudnt be living in India. Namo is doing the best for India. If one is critical and ungrateful of his contributions and tireless effort and reforms for Bharat is in my opinion, A TRAITOR AND ANTI-INDIA!!!!!!

  2. Nath Reddy says:

    This is the greatness of Mr.Modi. People has to unite as Indians not be divided in the name of caste and race. Unfortunetely many people are trying to stop the progress of the common man so that they can loot the country resources and money. Please do understand this and support Mr.Modi or any one else who is doing good for the country and the people.

  3. Pravin Solanki says:

    This real life story brought tears in my eyes. We should be proud of having Mr. Narendra Modi as our prime minister.
    I was just watching video on Facebook, which was Pakistani News channel. They were talking all good about Mr. Narendra Modi.
    Live long Mr. Narendra Modi.

  4. Pawandeep says:

    Well done Modi govt

  5. Vrajesh Parikh says:

    Felt very very nice that how government can be made working!! There are few anti Indians who wants modi to change everything in a year which is spoilt in last 70 years!

  6. Suvendu Mohapatra says:

    The most dedicated & passionate Pm. For him the only religion is India First. Long live Pm -Modi

  7. Kantilal Makadia says:’s a real story

  8. Om M Alreja says:

    The Vision of our PM Narendra ji is much bigger than we mortals can comprehend.
    With the politics as of current that prevailed in our free Country, it will take some time for the house to return to order and hence Good policies must not only be welcomed, but also implemented with full trust and positive attitude.

    Let all noble thoughts come to us from all sides.
    YES! these must also be implemented by one and all.
    What is GOOD for the country, all political parties MUST come together, for the future which belongs to the children, always be kept in mind.

  9. Smt. G.D says:

    My story is all opposite. My husband not getting pension since August 2014 for reasons known to his Department. He retired as an DC with IT Department in June 2006.

  10. Kamal Kumar says:

    I think he is the real inspiration people who failed in life..i believe that the responsibility comes from your mind & soul… Really we proud to him on such a PM which made India as a digital India.

  11. Awadhesh Nagaich says:

    Hats of to our honourable PM. He works on that root level.

  12. Anantha Krishna says:

    Nice to read a positive opinion from you, instead of being bigoted opinionater, most of the others of your elk call him a FEKU.
    Let us appreciate all good deeds irrespective of their party/religious affiliations

  13. Satish Akkalkot says:

    Oh My God !

    Our hearty wishes to Dr.Jitendra Singh and his team driven by Sri NM for wonderful work. Believe many will get same response.

    Satish/Canton MI USA

  14. kumar kaushlendra says:

    first good to see the nice responce .
    then——– NO WORDS

  15. angadipuram sundaresan ramakrishnan says:

    It is indeed a divine work pmo, and ofcourse pm did,,,,,,, commendable. hats off

    jai hind

  16. B C GOYAL MHOW says:

    This story requires widest publicity so that other bank officers change their attitudes towards pensioners problems and hep the old ones following the footsteps of the senior most i.e. Prime minister of our country.

  17. Chetan Harwara says:

    I am so proud of indian people for voting this great man in loksabha election.. He is the best pm india ever had n its only going to get better n better

  18. Viresh Vora says:

    We really require PM like Shri Narendra Modi who personally looks into the grievance of common public. What more you expect from him. We must truly respect Him and His Workmanship for the people of India. May God Bless Him With Complete Happiness & Long Life to take India much ahead in the world arena.

  19. Chintan valia says:

    Thank you for sharing this story. Most of us today (especially youth) believe in NaMo’s leadership qualities and vision of a developed and a happier India. However there are many around who are influenced by alternative politics and caste based politics which is in many ways a big threat to the developing India. A larger threat is that most of these are educated people…For e.g: a lot of people witnessed what happened in Delhi…so many of us have now experience the ill effects of choosing a wrong party/leader.

  20. Mayank says:

    It’s been greatest pleasure that we have PM like narendera modi.
    The strategy what he has planned and planning for youth & seniors are really tremendous.

  21. amit Kumar says:

    I really happy that we got pm like Narendra modi…always want this man…love you modi JI…

  22. Sumit Atray says:

    Thanks for this real story… But in BJP government we can observe the changing system specially in government sectors… We know everything can not be change so soon but one by one step towards this changes is necessary for good times… As indian from last 60 yrs we seen so violence, corruption and bad politics…. But now we are satisfied what we have done in last election…. NAMO we have lots of expectations with you and we feel proud on you as prime minister of our country…

  23. Anonymous says:

    Great work by the Indian government

  24. Anita Shammi says:

    I had always heard people say that one kind action is better than a million words, our prime minister Sri Narendra Modi has won millions of hearts! Sir, I salute your earnest endeavours. The nation loves you, may the God Almighty always shower his blessings on you and our country. We all are with you !

  25. Anita Shammi says:

    Prime Minister Sir ,
    You are the only leader the nation looks up to , we are overwhelmed with your compassion , you know how to touch the right cord .please direct me for any service you deem fit , I am a school teacher. In my own way I am igniting the young minds to be proud of their country and sincerely take forward the clean India mission! Bless you sir!
    Anita Shammi

  26. I am thoroughly inspired by Sri Narendra Modi and sincerely believe he has brought about the wind of change throughout the country that shall have its impact on the rest of the world as well.
    His power of oration is surpassed by his actions that speak louder than words. Touching stories such as these demonstrate how effectively his policies are touching the lives of the common citizen.
    It makes me feel proud to be an Indian and lucky to be a part of this era of change.
    Jai Hind!
    -Dr. Vivek Kadambi

  27. Praveen says:

    call me on 9985848573

  28. Venkat says:

    Modi is best for ever , Thank god at least now people gave a chance to the best leader

    • Nirmal Kumar M CHandria says:

      Modiji is a gem of a person, god has sent him to serve us, at least now our politician should change and co operate for the developement of our country they should not mind who is the leader they should work for our nation, election may come and go but the aim should be to be a helping hand in developing our nation Bharat mata.

  29. Vijayakrishnan Nair says:

    This is the Hindustan we need

  30. Gautam Dey says:

    I really believe that our beloved PM, Sri Narendra Bhai Modi is a true lover of our Mother land and shall always strive for the up liftment of the country and its countrymen. Jai Hind.

  31. andy says:

    Why does ur post say 2010? Namo wasn’t prime minister back then!!

  32. Samir Chokshi says:

    I support Namo

  33. Samir Chokshi says:

    I support Shri Narendra Modi

  34. Samir Chokshi says:

    I support Shri Narendra Modi for taking care for pensioner in India

  35. Samir Chokshi says:

    I support Shri Narendra Modi for taking care for pensioner in India what he has done on priority

  36. Jeevandhara Kumar says:

    Happy news….. Honestly speaking, citing such cases, specially comparing with erstwhile statesmen, doesn’t undermine the significant administration of the former PMs/ Govt etc. In fact, IT’S THE PRIME DUTY & RESPONSIBILITY OF ALL IN THE OFFICE……..

  37. Kuldip Singh Virk says:

    Really a big success story of the mother of the Prime minister . But who will see that the Revised/ Fresh PPOs of Pre 2006 pensioners are sent to them even at this belated stage, as these PPOs were required to be sent to them promptly on implementation of 6th C.P.C., but are still awaited despite repeated reminders and telephone conversation even with the Director of Accounts ( Postal ) Chandigarh. Although the Revised/ fresh PPOs are being received by the Pre 2006 pensioners, but only after making individual complaints on the pensioners portal of the Prime Minister or of the DOPPW. Hoping some one will take note of this lapse of Deputy Director of Accounts ( Postal ) Kapurthala.

    Kuldip Singh Virk
    Genl Secy
    P & T Pensioners welfare Association

  38. krishnamoorthy says:

    Hats off to the work government is doing for the betterment of our great nation India..

  39. PrakasamUpadrasta says:

    Where there is will, there is a way. The hetherto position was <what is it for me, Our beloved PM has changed the whole thinking. Do what is your duty with compassion and sincerity. God save this Noble son of India. NAMO NAMO NAMAH

  40. Rupa Sayta says:

    Mr PM

    We are very proud of your various acts to help India straighten out its many departments of power,the benefits of which touch and reach out the deserving .
    Please continue to touch the human core from power lobby that had become dry to public sentiment and needs,

    Soon much remains to be done and undone in free India that 2 rebirths of your likes will take to correct!
    Any amount of criticism should not ruffle people like you with IRON WILL and TRUE NATIONAL GOOD at heart to be disturbed .
    We support you,whole heartedly!

  41. Three cheers to honourable prime minister and minister of state. This is way to have good governance.let the PM tell the pension department to honour judgments in REM without delay and constriction

  42. Pradeep Desai says:

    This is a Beautiful Instance of a Working Govt & Good Governance, for which NaMo is well known in Gujarat..
    V, d Ppl of India should Support him for d Development & Betterment of our Nation..
    All d BesT, NaMo..

  43. payal says:

    thnk u sir for so much support to women ….

  44. prasada rao says:

    It is very good responsible reaction to frustrated Women in India. If Govt. focus on corruption at root level crores of poor people will be happy. If need govt. can make changes in concerned ACTs. Stringent punishment should be there.

  45. Heman Vora says:

    Thts respecting … Grt feeling as this is a treatment which is required for the citizens profeshnaly and on humantry grounds and SALUTE to all who obeys and follow this …. Thank u for sharing

  46. Chetan Panchal says:

    This is what Narendrabhai mean.
    Modi means these…

    And they say this is Suit -boot ki sarkar.

  47. RPShri says:

    Great story. Modi, Jitendra even the concerned Babus deserve Kudos.
    I Only hope this concern & expediency is visible in most cases. At least an attempt. Kargil war hero, Param Vir Chakra awardee Martir Vikram Batra’s family is struggling against grab of their land by land mafia for years. Approached CM,PM & PRESIDENT but …. not even a response. AbdulHamid’s (who doesn’t know him) is left in lurch. If impression is that Admin machinery is generally improved & is performing better, it’s definitely appreciable.
    No point quoting individual cases.

  48. Ajay says:

    We all Indian with all our heart express our blessing to Namo (Shree Narendra Modiji). After he became the Prime Minister of India he planed to strenthend the pillars of India by visiting all the top countrys of the world making good faith and relation with each. But it is now time for him to make some changes in oun state we all buissnes persons are under going of slack in buissnes in all fields fo this we are hering bad comments fo Namo fo we did not see this kind of ression during Manmohanji i no these are the rumers which all the opposion is trying to fluss in All states .so to give them a reply fo it Namo have to take some major steps to clear his identety.pepole are asking me kya tumhare Modi Kala dhan lane wala tha kya huwa badi badi bate reply i have to say you must not expect to get cured on the very same time from any docter it takes 1 to 2 day to b all well. We love you god bless you with all his heart ..and save you from evil….we see a the best future in your eyes for Bharat..sorry our Bharat….. hope you understand my point of view…..well all are with you…

    • Rakesh Kumar Gupta says:

      My salute to Sh. Narender Modiji our dearest Prime Minister. He has not only changed the India’s image in the world eyes he has also touched the heart & soul of each Indian. We are lucky to have such an Great Personality as our PM. May God always give him lot of strength & wisdom.

  49. Mukesh says:

    It’s a good news in India, but a routine in Canada

  50. Sneha says:

    It is a great honour that PM and his team to help you with this paperwork in 4 days. But this all happens only at top levels.

    I have been running behind BMC offices since 3 months to start my new small business as a women entrepreneur, The Supretendent at Dadar west Mr. Shailk, Mr. Bhansode are only interested in their monetary benefits revenue sharing of Hoarding fees between BMC and MMRDA. They can’t see a young youth want to do something on her own instead of helping me they demoralise me and say kuch nahi hoga… forget it madam…

    I have submitted 5 fresh sites application under section 328 at F/N Matunga Mumbai… officers go on holiday for weeks or another excuse system is not supporting. None is being processed purposefully as I am not providing them anything extra… those site are untouched since two years.

    In India to start work means to start corruption from ground level even before you have earned anything. I request the PM and his team to help me in someway so alteast my one site is approved out of 5 and I can start my small business.

    Thanking you.
    Best Regards always,
    For PM Modiji and his team…

  51. Neha Saxena says:

    I have a strong faith in Modi…
    Faith will only bring the change. … because our support/equal participation will only make him continuing the work.

  52. Sir, we all with you … jay hoo

  53. We love our pm.…. jay hoo

  54. Mayank Shukla says:

    Eye opener

  55. Kudos to our most responsible PM Narendra Modi for being so considerate and prompt about senior citizems issue and understanding their difficulty and respecting them at the same time. I really appreciate this story as my parents are also senior citizens and govt pensioners.Good health and happiness wishes for our PM and we are proud of his work !

  56. Devbrat says:

    B1/11, Panchvati apts, Juhu Cross Lane, Andheri (West), Mumbai-400058, India

  57. anil agarwal says:

    E 401 shree ganesh plaza 2,sector 1 khanda colony
    such small small actions will built a mountain of prises

  58. FROM

  59. Panneer Selvam says:

    India is back to life. We thank our motherland for giving Mr Modi as our PM. Hope our opponents especially Congress leaders and others like Nitish understand. We must give this great leader a chance to show his vision.

  60. JAIPRAKASH says:


  61. Ravindran R says:

    Its marvellous. This sensitivity should be imparted to all Ministers so that without the intervention of PM/PMO things are done & PM/PMO allowed to do still better job for the nation’s growth

  62. ramesh birla says:

    I am delighted to see this response
    I do want to contact Jitendra Singh as I have written many Twitters with no response regarding my NPA BASED pension being a doctor entiled to which has been taken away due to SHARE IN INCOME scheme of TATA MEMORIAL CANCER HOSPITAL MUMBAI where I worked for total 40 Yrs of my life The NPA based pension cannot b taken away under any case in case of Govt Doctors sanctioned by president of India but no use I am only writting

  63. Nehal Jain says:

    Its a great decision by Dr.Jitendra Singh and Our Honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi that within Four days all the paper works are completed without delay as we know from many years Tgat Pension work delays alot..
    I introduced myself as am too young my name is Nehal Jain am just 20 years old and don’t know much about This all process but after reading this I understand some basic things and the Work that u have done too fast was Recommendable,Hats off both of u Sir..!!!
    Acche Din aagye , happy for this and Hope for all Good things Happen in future am always stand for the Nation my First Choice is Bharat and then second Choice is Family..!
    Am truly and die hard Bharatiya Its my plessure to work for the Nation am always Ready Sir Just Waiting Of ur Reply..!!!
    #Namo Namo #Bharat #Dr.Jitnendra Singh #Shree Narendra Modiji [Honarable Prime Minister]

  64. SACHIN HINWAR says:

    This change is required…. hence Modiji is on Mission to change face of India….we all have faith and trust in him….

  65. Rajendra Kumar Shivhare says:

    Really a heart touching incident. The immediate decision in favour of your mother is highly appreciable. No doubt the credit goes to Shri Modiji and their colleagues for paying attention to such issues which shows that the Achhe din have arrived and this is just the beginning . May God bless our new Sarkar headed by our honourable Shri Modiji.

  66. inderpal singh says:


    I want to know, what are we doing for senior citizens who have not done government job.
    eg. my dad is 70 years of age and he still has to work as there is no special privileges like other foreign countries like. medical treatment free of cost, pension for old age ( from couple of years he has applied and haven’t received any till date)

    I completely agree that articles like this are good, let me see how soon I get response on this

  67. Tarvinder Singh Chandel says:

    nice yr Bangladesh land dispute Nagaland terrorist OROP etc things modi g is doing great… love him

  68. Prasad says:

    Since i am working out of country till now 8tn month i saw this news posted on Facebook.
    I wish India could build a city office in its area to clear all issues as seen above not only related to pension but and issues related for living making live a common life by every human as Japanese does.
    Thank you
    Yours honestly Citizen of India
    Easa Prasad

  69. jitendra says:

    the biggest achievement Mr. Narendrabhai can bring and even to some extent brought is change in the mindset of beurocrats that they have to get work done and not mess up and put comonman in confusion. He by his sharp mind, imagination, vision can make people to show results in concrete terms. if his team gives support to him wholeheartedly India future is different.

  70. JaiPRAKASH says:

    It is a planted storey by Modi Bhagat

  71. Adeep Tandon says:

    The saying in hindi ” Sawan ke andhe ko hari-hari sujhe” is apt in the case of Congress party.The defeat at the election has traumatised them so much that they have lost their mental balance, with the result that they can’t see any good done by Modi govt. and that’s why they have adopted this policy of attacking Modi for each & every thing whether good or bad.The people of India have become too smart & they have already understood the Congress strategy.In the next election ‘God Willing’ they will be reduced to 4 seats only. Jai Hind.

  72. Kailas sarda says:

    It was a great year by NAMO team

    In every gov office staff is work orientated .
    Good work NAMO

    Appreciate the work of Jitendra Singh

  73. mahesh nayak g says:

    its namo magic in real life…why some people hate him is simply meaningless…pls support namo for development of our nation…

  74. HARI says:


  75. Chandrasekaran P says:

    A wonderful service to senior citizens. I am proud of my Prime Minister

  76. Trisha says:

    Well , I am really not a political person and try to follow a simple rule of Humanity .
    But when Mr Modi was selected as the PM many Muslims were scared , I am not sure of all of them but few of my friends now do appreciate the changes Mr Modi is bringing in.
    My Thank you and vote of appreciation may not matter , but still if this is your approach towards our nation … Thank you so much

    And a request to all those supporters of different political parties stop this saas bahu drama types comments and appreciate what is really changed and try for what must change for a better future of US as INDIANS .

    Thank you

  77. SANJAY DABRAL says:


    इसे कहते प्रधान सेवक ! मोदीजी को साधुवाद एवं कोटि कोटी प्रणाम .

  78. mukund tr says:

    We all behind you dear Modi Ji & you are the action PM India ever had since Independence want you tobe india’s PM forever hats off Modi ji

  79. Jayant Shetty says:

    Why then the OROP has taken him more that 15 months to resolve?

  80. Jasmita mashruwala says:

    Hello Mr. Narendra Modi……
    Thank you so much for the thing you did that no other minister did.
    Please think about the students also who have to carry the heavy bags to the school…..the school authorities have been informed about this continuously but no measures have been taken…..its a request that please don’t let the students interest b withdrawn from studies….schools are trying to Frame a burden free education but it’s infact becoming more n more complicated…..
    Please do take necessary steps in this direction also
    Thanking you

  81. Sambasivarao says:

    This news gives me courage. I am now 92 years old and retired from L.I.C
    After putting. 32 years of service and retired in 1984. They deprived me
    Normal pension since I retired in 1984, they decided the. Pension shall
    Be granted for persons retiring after 1986 and granted Exgracia of
    Rd.300/ pm. Since then no revision was made and we continue to get
    Rs.300/- basic only. There are only few living beyond 90 years. Can we hope
    The Hon.Priminister help the old. If applicable I would have been drawing
    About Rs. 40000/. MY his mercy shine on us. Long live. Modi Sab

  82. Pradeep Gupta says:

    Namo will be really appreciated, for this true cause. We found Sach a great man with all missions. Once again salute to our strong n as well as soft hearted PM.

  83. vishakha raut says:

    this is v gud..but the directive to banks to treat senior pensioners with extra sensitivity has def.not percolated to the base level…..v sorry to say but sr citizens as pensioers are the most harassed lot.maybe banks r short staffed but still ……

  84. Sandeep Chopra says:

    After reading this article I would like to mention about another person who finds it difficult to walk at the age of 78 but has to report to her husbands office where he worked every January.

  85. This is a very heart-warming incident. Things have changed for the better after the ascent of Shri Narendra Modi-ji.

    He has brought back professionalism, courtesy and humanity to government departments, and that is really very good. Even the common man has to imbibe these habits – only when people work hand in hand with the government will our Great Nation prosper.

    May we get more such pleasant news under the able leadership of Shri Modi-ji !

  86. pankaj shah says:


  87. Sukumar K Nambiar says:

    Congrats for this real story. We are all proud of our great PM Narendar Modiji and his team, bringing India to a new heights.
    I also had a similar story, which is not complete.
    We all are hardend followers of congress in Kerala, (not any more) My mother is a window aged 94,and my father was an ex- INA, she has been approved the state government pension by the then ruling Communist govt. During those days whenever we had approached the central govt, by saying somany excuses she has refused the central pension. Even though we know Mr Anthony & then another minister for state, Mullappallu Ramachandarn, by saying, the govt is having shortage of fund and pension scheme is on hold for some time. Lateron she has lost her hope and not tried any more.
    This is a simple example of congress decision making….

    • admin says:

      Hi Sukumar

      Thanks for your comment.
      We liked your story a lot and it is really an eye opener for any ruling government of India.

      We would like to publish your story in our website If you can please send us more info and if possible pictures that would make this a national movement.

      Looking forward to your reply. Our email ID is

      MissionModi2019 Team

  88. ANAND SHETTY says:


  89. Prakash says:

    It’s the great deeds into small details that makes modiji really a great personality!!

  90. Raghunandan says:

    We pray our Hon. P.M stays in Good Health and be the bench mark for all the leaders to follow his style of addministration and sensitivity . ### 3 CHEEERS NaMo

  91. Vivek says:

    Thanks to our PM….for continuously doing a great job..

  92. Sumant Mathure says:

    This is what our country needs…we all should feel proud for our leaders & for our Nation…once this occurs no one can stop India from becoming great world class leader again. I am happy that every actions of our Hon. PM Narendra Modi ji are directed towards achieving that goal…we are lucky to be part of witnessing such transformation & be part of Make in India. ..Tathastu! !!

  93. Alasingaran says:

    Our hearty wishes to Dr.Jitendra Singh and his team driven by Sri NM for wonderful work. Believe many will get same response. Long live our peoples PM Sri Narendra Modiji. LONG LIVE INDIA.

  94. Indian says:

    If Modi is so great, where is the 15 lakh rupees he promised and where is swatch Bharat – Modi is just good at marketing and travelling abroad at common mans expense – wish he looses sooner than later – let him sell tea

  95. Sheeba Titus says:

    205 Prime Residency, Nr. Universal Experimental School
    Maktampur Road

    Grt job. No words. Now expect more from you. Do answer to all the citizens with whatever issue they come to you. We need a leader like you who can be an inspiration for all of us. Be blessed & continue with your good job.
    I too have a request, Sir I don’t want China in India. Please stop Kerala CM Oomen Chandy to stop killing mans best friend Dog..the stray dogs of kerala. We dont want dog meat in India. Please help with this and ask him to adopt scientific method and decrease the dog population, killing them is not a solution. Please help. Thanks.

  96. Sheeba Titus says:

    205 Prime Residency, Nr. Universal Experimental School
    Maktampur Road


    • Sheeba Titus says:

      Grt job. No words. Now expect more from you. Do answer to all the citizens with whatever issue they come to you. We need a leader like you who can be an inspiration for all of us. Be blessed & continue with your good job.
      I too have a request, Sir I don’t want China in India. Please stop Kerala CM Oomen Chandy to stop killing mans best friend Dog..the stray dogs of kerala. We dont want dog meat in India. Please help with this and ask him to adopt scientific method and decrease the dog population, killing them is not a solution. Please help. Thanks

  97. Yogi Anand says:

    That’s Great … Kindness is Contagious!

  98. Vikrant says:

    While I appreciate the treatment of seniors with dignity. I feel that the government employees are getting way to many benefits. I have seen couples getting thousands of rs. pension per month for many years after the retirement when their family is already well settled.
    Government should think about this and do something for labour class in private sector and maintain a balance.

  99. Krishna says:

    I could simply say that corruption has reduced in Gas booking after mandatorily linking of Aadhar card which congress govt. Failed to implement.

    Our PM Modi sir has understood and effectively linked gas connection to aadhar card. After this gas cylinder is delivered in around 3 days some times it got delivered the same day of booking….earlier i remember it used to come around 40 days of booking…..this i believe the agencies might sell the gas in black market…

  100. Dr.M.Narasimharao,Retd.professor,Andhra Universiy,Visakhapatnam says:

    I believe that GOD works through human beings only to make his creation happy.When a politician
    experiences the pain of the suffering people in his heart and works for alleveatng the insurmountable
    grief of the less fortunate human beings,then that polititian becomes GOD and nature works through
    that medium for the real welfare of all .We are looking forward to electing such great saints

  101. Rajesh Dubey says:

    Things fo change overnight. A big bang will be required to change mind of 125 crore Indians. But the small acts will surely amalgsmte in big results. Good days will come for sure. We should support the initiatives by our honorable PM and bring the fundamental changes in our behaviour to change the nation. Hats off to Shri Narendra Modi. I firmly believe that a saint, Swami Vivekananda ji also named Narendranath changed our country’s image, likewise our PM will change oir country’s image in a very short span. I’m with you sir and request our country men to have patience and supprt the great thought of Modiji. Great job.

  102. Sakla ravindrakumar says:

    Really it is amazing
    And I am sure this Modi is team is working hard
    Lookout our international relation with world
    I am staying in cantonment from last five year we are staying in tense
    Resumption of our house
    And not giving per motion for repairing
    Road issue
    Awe had meeting with ministry of defence Mr Parrikar
    First of all in congress govt inspire of our continuous follow up we fails to meet defence minister
    Will you believe Mr Parrikar defence minister
    Without any security check we had meeting with him
    And within two month he open the road and he is making totally new policy of defence and which he declared and work started
    Thanks to modiji
    Ravindra Sakla

  103. Vijay says:

    Read all comments, only way to support Mr. Prime minister is to re elect him to power for another 10 years. In such a shot span so many things happened, imagine what great changes he will implement.
    Long live Modi ji
    Jai Hind

  104. pappu doesn’t know who is NAMO,

  105. Gnanapradeepan says:

    I am now a senior citizen and and am glad to read about a not only a widow but also a senior citizen getting her family pension within a period of 4 days. The congress Government have ruled the nation for more than 60 years bringing only poverty to the nation and nothing else. I got my job in the year 1978 only after the Congress government was thrown out of the regime and the Janata party took over. Now i am a senior citizen and drawing government pension and am taking care of my loved bedridden widowed mother who is aged 93 years age and she is also drawing her family pension from the bank. I sincerely wish the PM and all the ministers in his team to do more of this kind and pray for his well being and success in all his endeavours.

  106. Jigar Trivedi says:

    Great Namo Namo
    support him from heart

  107. Rahul says:

    1 saal se har jagah ye 1 h story sun raha…log ghis ghis ye 1 h story copy paste kare ja rahe…aur nahi sunne mili kya?

    • Manoj Patra says:

      Rahul ji, if you come to this URL even after 50 years you will still this story. Because URLs once published for a story remain the same. You have to visit other pages to read other stories. More importanly you should have open eyes and open mind to accept other stories. I hope your full name is not Rahul Gandhi as such a comment from is now pardoned (and ignored) by every respectable citizen of our country.

  108. Sanket says:

    Hello Sir,
    The same thing happened when i went to transfer the gas connection from my grandfather’s name to myself.
    My grandfather had died and the indane gas agency said the transfer paper needs my grandfather’s signature
    I ran after them for weeks and nothing happened.Finally i decided to open a new connection in my name.
    Hope the system has changed now
    I also remember my parents taking my aged grandparents to the bank to verify whether they are dead or alive.
    My grandfather was 85 unable to walk ..and my elder brother took him to the bank

    • Jaya Shankar says:

      Really appreciated and you know how to send a email to pension ministry and most of the people live in B towns and villages do not know that there a pension ministry where they can send a email. firstly they do not have any email account to send the email and also what to send .

      Why PM Modi sir has not understood or his pension ministry that with simply documentation where just by submitting the death certificate and account details nominees /wife for his pension then bank should automatically send the Email to pension ministry and get the required documents and start depositing the money to nominees /wife account.


      1, Death Certificate & nominees /wife Bank Account details and present address to the bank.
      2. Bank should send the email to pension ministry on the same day and also copy the nominees /wife if they a email account with present address details to send a hard copy that they send to the bank
      3. Then Bank need to do the bank formality with 24 hrs of the email they receive form the pension ministry and next day they need to deposit the money.

      Having a pension ministry is not great and how for we use. pension ministry need to make sure get details of nominees /wife of the pension eligible persons / have the to open pension ministry centers like E-Save / Bangalore one or we an use there centers for this where nominees /wife will present the document s and rest they follow

    • We are gifted to have a such wonderful and amazing PM , he always think what more he can do for the country for mass benefit, for this I am hats off to his thoughts, God bless, Live long.





      • Veers reddy says:

        Modiji is a gift to our Nation. I sujjest him to be strict with the beurocracy I mean officers of the govt organization who have been lazeeing since so many years sitting on files for days only clearing their personal interest in the Congress rule.

  109. shyam zade says:

    its touching nad very humble nature of our dear Pm that such things ar happening…day will come when people will not get surprise for such act happening on regular basis…

    Thank you ..proud to be in this era of witnessing change in rewriting History..

    shyam zade
    8411041652 pune

  110. shyam zade says:

    its touching and very humble nature of our dear Pm that such things ar happening…day will come when people will not get surprise for such act happening on regular basis…

    Thank you ..proud to be in this era of witnessing change in rewriting History..

    shyam zade
    8411041652 pune

  111. Manoj Patra says:

    I hope and wish that such acts actually become the norm rather than the exception in India. Detractors of Modiji can whine at home or public, a growing mass definitely understands and appreciates the steps being taken to bring back the Golden age of India that once was.

  112. NAGARAJ N MOUDGAL says:

    What to say about NaMo. His actions are so humane & fast, which were non-existient in Govt. depts., since decades. ACCHHE DIN AARAHA HAI

  113. DINNI SRINIVAS says:

    Really,we should thank our PM for taking initiative and doing everything possible,Congress govt in last 60 years did nothing to the Citizens of this country,except changing CM on daily basis,they have minted enough Money for next 10 generations,I request Rahul Gandhi aka Mr.Bheem to stop criticizing Mr.Modi,he doesn’t have enough knowledge of Governance ,He should without hesitating take tutions from Mr.Modi or Chandra Babu Naidu about Governance.
    I believe Modi government will take all the steps to make people of this country Happy.
    My request to Modi Ji,is that,get the Black Money back to India and put all the culprits in to Dungeon.
    India will be proud of it.

  114. chandra mouli says:

    What a man..Mr. Prime Minister. Hats off to his focus, determination and energy level. Actually, in India there are various innovative and wonderful initiatives are happenning. The need of the hour is to pick them up and implement nationally viz. some parts of south India is using different technology of recycling the polythene found in garbage and use it for laying down road. Thus leading to a very high quality of roads for a very long time. Similarly, garbage handling and recycling constructively. Many more initiatives can be found in different parts of India…need to take it up and make it national

  115. satya says:

    plz reword the caption n i will love to share it… there was different scenario then..n who said govt officials were callous earlier? when the load on each officer was less then the system was way better n corruption ltd. when the load increased followed by a drastic decrease in efficiency (thanks to everyone going to pvt jobs) as also the no of corrupt politicians, corruption became norm of the day.. good gesture by PMO.. yet comparing a different era with half baked truths would be illogical.. praise Modi, but don’t decry more worthy PMs like Shastri etc..

  116. Ananth kumar.V says:

    we are gifted to have such a wonderful PM he always think what more contribution he can do for the country.
    what ever the changes he has done so far , it is remarkable, God bless . Live long.

  117. Tomar says:

    Great job by the NaMo government indeed!
    But I have a question about the minister’s reply – “PM’s directive that no woman who has lost her husband recently should be further traumatised by delayed paperwork on pensions”.
    Does this mean, if a lady has not lost her husband the department will continue to traumatise her?
    What are your thoughts?

  118. Amit Singh says:

    This is called humanity and attention to People of India. Our PM is setting a great example for other at all the levels to follow and serve the nation for a greater cause. There is no other good people can do than getting the things done for others.

    Salute You Sir!

  119. Sumanto Roychoudhury says:

    But Will This Possible In Kolkata, West bengal ? As here all think about there self, no one think about Senior Citizen or else. Saab Yaha SelFish Hai means Cell Se Chalne Wale Maachli hai, Jaisa Chabi Diya Waisa hi Chalenge woh bhi taab jaab unka benefit hoga ….

  120. Siva Kumar Thota says:

    Dear Sir(Narendra Modi garu),

    I just want to say many thanks.

  121. Smita Sawant says:

    It’s really nice to know that the widows will not be harassed to get what is their right, i.e. their right to their deceased husbands pension. I would also appreciate if the Namo looks into insurance policies and bank accounts where the widows are harassed when the transfer of account has to be done on the widows name. If this process too is simplified and is done as quickly will be a feather in the cap for the BJP Government. Most of the widows have lost their pensions or their bank money during the Congress Government as the papers were just passed from one dept. to the other and work was never done at last the widows gave up their fight after years of struggle and lost their dues. The work if completed would be only after some bribe were given to the concerned persons.
    Nice to know that PM Modi is doing a great job. May god bless him.

  122. Abhijit Pande says:

    India is truly blessed with this one man who has incredible potential to devote his life towards nation. Hats of to him and his team for working on core issues. God bless him!!!

    • Hriday Pandey says:

      Agree with you. Hindustan is truly blessed to have Modiji as it’s PM.We must support him by taking responsibilty for our actions & behaviour. I wish him, like most Hindustanis , a long life.

  123. Amit Anam says:

    In mulund west yogi hill there is no cell network since last 2 years, have complained and written to all bjp mla, mp even namo thru narendra modi app, but so far no reply, hence stop fooling people by giving 1 example. There are 1000s of un attended problems which no one cares about.

  124. AJ says:

    He has been a blessing for India when all hope was lost. Keep going Modi Ji india is with you.

  125. Ravi Menon says:

    Kudos to our PM for such a great job. Let this be continued.

  126. Dr.KAFIL AHMAD says:


  127. ANIL nama says:

    My grandmother is 97 years old her name is maya Devi and my grand father name is late shri mathura PRASAD singh

    Due to the administrative problems of taking my mother to Allahabad from mumbai where I was or Hyderabad I had discontinued taking her for yearly rounds

    Now this has given me hope let’s see when I do finally have the steam to initiate her pension rights

  128. Cyril says:

    Sorry I don’t mean to be offensive to any one..I have 6 aunts and my mom receiving pension for their spouses’ service towards the government and its by default that the pension is transferred to the spouse. I don’t think any of my aunts or my mom had any problems in getting the nominee transferred as long as all the paperwork and documentation submitted is fine…don’t know why this hype..Why simply believe in what’s written online.

  129. B K Sinha says:

    Great Hon PM sir, You have shown it can be done . I pray to Hon PM sir to arrange for periodic review of such case/cases. May God bless you to serve the nation for longer time.
    B K Sinha

  130. babulal kumawat says:

    i like Mr. Modi’s way of handling a problem and his patience . he always take care of a common man’s issue.
    it is very good example to see his working way.
    Wish you a healthy long life NAMO.

  131. Ravi says:

    Honourable PM, hat’s off to the speedy response. Pl spread this message. Every Indian must know the truth. He is a great administrator. Wishing you sir all the best and good health.
    Long live sir.

  132. Thank You for sharing this story.People of India will know the difference our dear Prime Minister is initiating despite heavy odds.Thank You so much Modiji, may you keep serving the people of India with great courage.Let the people of India realize that their trust in you is truly well placed. Jai Hind!! May you have a long and healthy life.

  133. Hiren Pandya says:

    And our english media (self styled godman) will never take a notice of such incidents. They are busy in protecting and promoting their own gods, the congress.
    Shame on such journalists and their wested interests.

  134. jigar thakkar says:

    Our media is working like agents of congres.
    So we should understand our PM and give more time to this government without blamed him and government .
    I m sure ACHE DIN AYENGE
    I Support NARENDRA MODI”

  135. Really great governance !!!!!!! excellent leadership!!!!

  136. Vijay says:

    I proud to be vote for NARENDRA MODI

  137. Abhijit Das says:

    God Bless Modi Ji with good health so that he may continue developing India and make her a Developed India by 2020.

  138. Prawan K Sharma says:

    C 71, Second Floor, Sector -2 Noida

    Thank You So Much Sir !! We proud that we have a leader like you with us , its not late -its beginning.NaMo.

  139. Vivake Kumar says:

    Shri Narendra Modiji, our PM, is what we say “something different”. Sir aapko sat sat pranam.

  140. NARESH DANDWANI says:

    I sincerely believe things have improved after Modi Govt took charge.

    I had my PF transfer pending from last 7 years, Had followed up many times. logged grievances many times during these last 7 years. Went to PF office, they simply asked for the Bribe to do my PF transfer. Recently i raised the Grievance again on PF site and with in 4 hours i got a reply saying , we are processing the case. Next day got mail , case as been resolved ,PF amount transfer will happen in 2 working days. And third day when i checked my PF statement on PF site. PF was transferred.

    Withing 2 working days my 7 years old PF transfer request was resolved. Kudos to Modi Govt. and Thanks a lot for the prompt response

  141. ravi says:

    Awesome ..
    Thanks To Modi ji I received my IT refund of 2006 in 2015 after posting it on Grievances redress-al


  142. P.K. Chopra Indore says:

    Long live Narendra Modi. He is going to place India on the top of World map within next Five years.

  143. Avinash Salian says:

    Big Thank You to our PM from the bottom of my heart.

  144. P. Balasubramaniam says:

    I really appreciate Hon.P.M for his personal touch to the grievances of older people and pensioners. But as single handed Hon.PM cannot look into every genuine grievance But Hon.PM has to ensure that the concerned officials in the Departments also are sensitized to settle the grievance immediately in the same way.
    I have several times lodged our grievance through PMO portal to make Dept. of Food and P.D to honor the Supreme court order dt.10.2.2010 to grant us CDA Relief with our pension. But the officials in DOFPD are simply teasing and harassing the south zone pensioners of the DOFPD without resolving the issue for the past eight months while other zones namely East and west zone have already been granted and paid with their concurrence. Still we struggle through FCI Retd.Emp.Wel.Assn, Chennai(Regd.No.308) At present two references of grievance lodged with PMO portal are pending with DOFPD for the past nearly two months.
    I ventilate the above grievance on behalf of hundreds of south zone pensioners of Dept. of Food & P D

  145. priyank says:

    Salute to our honorable Prime minister and for his honest hard work and vision, I wish people do not get digressed by political scams played by other parties to malign image of a person who wishes to work for our country and not just to remain in power by trying to buy votes.

  146. Arti says:

    Finally India is free from congress. Wish Mr.Narinder Modi ji best wishes.. God bless him and give our country more such life time hero…
    Wish him all the best..


  147. V.SRIDHARAN says:

    Flat T2 Royal Towers
    1st Cross West Thillainagar Tiruchirapalli -620018
    Congress says Modi government is suit boot sarkar. People say Congress was a Loot Chor sarkar. Manmohan Singh was a mute witness for all the scandals and his inaction led to corruption in all the ministries. They have no right to question Modi government.People will teach congress a lessons in the coming elections.

  148. Krishnan says:

    This message has been in circulation in the social network circle for quite sometime. Never seen this in the print or visual media. Only seen in websites promoting Mr. Narendra Modi.

  149. abhimanyu kumar says:

    Narendra Modi is very true when he says he is a Pradhan Sevak.

  150. rahul says:

    Very good we indians should see to that never ever congress should come into power as long as congress is there india will be at the back step in every aspect which has to be developed Jai Hind Jai Bharat Maata

  151. Not a surprise. This is the way our PM works. Thanks to all the people of our country who voted him to power. I Pray that his government lasts for ever as a very difficult task ahead for change. However the Congress may not allow this government to function as they did in last session as they know very well that if they allow this government to function then they may never even dream of coming back to power. We have seen how smiling Sonia was instigating her MPs to raise their voice in Parliament when the volume comes down.

  152. Braj Kumar Misra says:

    Yesterday in Ireland among Indian community our P.M.Mr.Narendra Modi was welcomed by Irish-Indian children with Shantipaath in Sanskrit shlokes.P.M.was pleased enough.He expressed his joy and said here it become possible but in India a communal label would have taken place.Nowadays there also chages are taking place.Very soon scenario will change with positive thinking.

  153. Gopal Singh says:

    Its a great honour to have NAMO as the PM of India.
    He is the only PM who could take India to great heights after Atal Ji.
    I am very fortunate to have him as my nations PM.

  154. Birendra Uniyal says:

    So why We love PM Modi

  155. Bhaskar Shetty says:

    Under Namo rule , India will having gr8 future. If he fail to do then no one will lift India from failure. Support Namo for his actions. Leave cong aside (they’re limited to only gandi family ) give support to Namo to build Mahan Bharath.

  156. chanchal says:

    Doing own duties is the policy of Modiji whereas others look for own rights only or say the policy is to pass the ball on others courts always, being done since last 60-68 years .

  157. Dr Raj says:

    thankyou PM.

  158. Jayavant Shanbhag says:

    It is a God Given Helping Hand for the Common People of India

  159. Tejas arora says:

    Don’t believe such stuff ..its only media propaganda ..r weber one thing in today’s world ..nthing is real.. check you tube on how Vladimir putin built his image by paid media..The only real is what u see and feel and unless u see some real bjp goons u will keep believing such stuff

  160. Shanti says:

    Hope dy( nasty) politicians from Congress read this.all their efforts in stalling GST& Land reform Bill will back fire and Bihar will be Modi’s!!only then they will realize the prize they pay for being spoil sports in working of Government.

  161. Y ANAND KUMAR says:


  162. shankar Prasad Raman says:

    We all Indians should feel proud to have such a good and able Prime Minister and his team guiding our nation. The Golden Days for India has started. Please keep up the good work sir.

  163. Brij Mohan Aggarwal says:

    There are many reasons to keep supporting our dear Prime Minister Shri Narender Modi ji , learning from his words and actions coming through his thoughts aimed for the welfare of all deserving, helpless, elderly and so on, everybody serving in various positions of different Govt. departments must work honestly and act quickly , thus they will honour our Prime Minister’s dream of “Good Governance”

  164. S.J. Joshi says:

    Yes we had this confirmation when we saw Mr. Narendra Modi was elected as P.M. of this great country..

  165. R Jayaram says:

    Lucky Modi Govt has come. So sad, my mother passed away without enjoying pension benefits under the same circumstances.

  166. Ekdantam Infra Pvt.Ltd.

    I am great admirer of our Mr.P.M. We are lucky to have such a personality to lead our nation towards the next century. I’am afraid that the opposition will not let him work for a long,since they are scared of their vary existence.

  167. ponkaj kakati says:

    Jai ho.we are very very lucky that MODI ji is the prime minister of us. I salute such a man who thinks about Nation,about future, about poverty………
    I am very assure that India will be the richest,fully developed country in the world in next 7 years.on the hand of MODI JI
    ……………………Jai hind…………………….

  168. DahadRavindra says:

    Really Great, We must ensure that NaMo remains in power in 2019 as well. Efforts should start right from now. Ravindra Dahad Pune.

  169. Why visitors still use to read news papers when in this technological globe all is accessible
    onn net?

  170. D S Bhavsar says:

    We in Gujarat know well the working style of Mr. Modi,,
    If someone wants confirmation, can visit Gujarat and observe development positively i.e. work done in last 12/14 Years.
    We should support such a person who works hard for the Country and every Indian.. He may be wrong in 1/2 acts, but the intention is vary clear….
    There are many instants whereby he did the Best.
    Some politicians play negative role and blame Mr.Modi in all cases.
    God will Help him for the Good things and all those would be exposed in due course..
    Jay Hind !!!

  171. Surjit singh says:

    The speed by which the present working…the problems addressed… really great……
    ITs 60 plus years….indians are still struggling for everything……be it right from facilites in hospital…admission in schools ..higher education…..the cases in courts no accountability….police departments….no help or safety to the public except threat to them….apart from this ..shortage of electicity ..water…motorable roads ….expensive food articals…list is long..
    NEED OF HOURThe common man …woman….needs the above problems to be addressed….to feel that life is comfortable… SOLUTION…… PMO Should give some directives to the ministers to work on this at a war footing …..set up central govt help offices and common man grevances cell in every township..UNDER THE GOVERNER OF STATE..and give effective help immediately…to the needy to solve issues………

  172. Yes! Finally someone writes about Aadhar card helpline.

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