Must Read an open letter by An Indian Navy Personal to A Question on 'Intolerance' asked by a Media Reporter

Must Read an open letter by An Indian Navy Personal to A Question on ‘Intolerance’ asked by a Media Reporter

Shakhti Pavithran, who is serving Indian Navy has brilliantly answered the Indian Media on their question on Intolerance. Indian Navy were helping Chennai flood Victims and they were asked by a media reporter that “If Indian Navy is impacted by religious Intolerance”.

And To this Question asked by a reporter, Shakhti Pavithran has responded by writing an open letter  through his Facebook post.

Read the full content posted by him on Facebook:


I’m a serving sailor in the Indian Navy.

I was hoping to get a message across to my brothers an sisters through this forum.

You see, me and my brothers from the Naval fraternity, Army, Air force, we spend months away from our family, with our back turned to the country. We are not able to keep up with the news.

When we finally get back, its very disappointing to see what our country is being needlessly dragged through.

Every return to civilization brings us a new wave of despondency.

It makes us question, why are we doing what we are doing? Are we doing enough? Are we facing the wrong side at the border?

Recently I heard our integrity in service to the nation has been called into question. AND IT HURTS…..

Shouldn’t giving up the best year of our lives for your country be enough?

Shouldn’t willing yourself to run into a hail of bullets, or a burning compartment, or a flooded area, when every human survival instinct tells you to run in the opposite direction be enough?

Now people have resorted to using me and my service to rake up non issues in the country.. that too in the name of religion?.. WHY?

I want to assure each and every one of our countrymen that each one of us will take a bullet for you irrespective of who you are.

On a occasion when the Navy is carrying out rescue operation in Chennai, a reporter asks Navy Chief “Is Indian Navy affected by Religious Intolerance?”

That is literally the ” stupidest” question I have ever heard of being asked….BY ANYONE…. TO ANYONE…EVER!!!!

We have no religion.
1) Country
2) Countrymen
3) Navy
4) Our Ship
5) The Soldier next to me
6) Family

Those are the things that matter to us….AND IN THAT ORDER!!

We read verses from the Holy Books of all religions before we sail out.

Even though there is no official instruction, we don’t put our Muslim brothers on duty during Ramzan.

The first person to wish me Happy Diwali this year was a Sikh.

The guy who changed my bandages when I was in the hospital and smuggled me watermelon at midnight because I was hungry was Christian.

My best mate is Muslim.

The guy who did extra duty so I could go home for Onam was from Odisha.

I did the same for a Bengali during Durga Pooja.

All these identities never register among us.We do all of this out of pure brotherhood.



By N S Pavithran

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38 Responses

  1. Ashish says:

    gr8 words. Just a slap on corrupt media.

  2. Jonathan Simte says:

    Proud to be Indian Navy serving for the Country

  3. Smrutiranjan Das says:

    Awesome words brother. U have shown the real brotherhood. Media should ashamed of themselves…. This is how people of our country respect their soldiers.

  4. Saiju says:

    I am Ex-Navy and after serving the Nation for 15 best years of my life I still carry the same spirit, and believe all military people do.
    Hats off to Shakhti Pavithran !

  5. neeraj says:

    What a brilliant thought bro………proud of you being sailor….proud of navy…….jai hind

  6. hirakjyoti das says:

    Good bro…a true indian

  7. Arun V Nair says:

    Excellent Reply. Proud of you being a veteran sailor

  8. Debidatta Sahoo says:

    Thanks Bro for this excellent reply.

  9. rajiv says:

    Very true my friend.
    All intolerance is created by our very RESPONSIBLE MEDIA

  10. SALIL BISWAS says:

    Great buddy

  11. Anoop says:

    Proud to be your brother.

  12. narayanadas says:

    Well said to these presstitudes
    Hats off to u sir

  13. kabir Hussain says:

    Yes. …yes. ..yes, I agree from the core of my heart

  14. Ankit says:

    Sir ji…salaam hai aapko..duniya ko defence ka baut kam knowledge h..this post might make the bulbs of the head turn on

  15. NarayananN. says:

    Congrats. Well responded to the media person’s stupid question. Little or not known about the integrity and devotion of defense personnel, this media person thought that he has cleverly put a very intelligent question which, according him and his fellow people, was of the topmost priority in India. This has already come light that the so called INTOLERANCE was only artificial and a creation of biased MEDIAS with vested interest.

    It has been my opinion that Military Training for a certain period, should be made compulsory to all reasonably healthy male citizens in India as is the practice in many Countries worldwide. This training will not only impart self discipline among the public but also be helpful for the Nation as a whole, in times of emergency.

    I humbly pray to the Government to explore the possibilities in this direction.

    Best wishes to the sailor Shakhti Pavithran of Indian Navy.

    ‘Jai Bharat Matha’

  16. sreeraj says:

    Well said brother…

  17. jaswanth raj says:

    Good words bro really ur words made to feel proud n happy……. Hats off to u…..

  18. Atul Mudgal says:

    आंसू आ गए……really heart touching words…भाई….used

  19. MK VASUDEVAN says:

    will any media is courageous enough to publish this?

  20. Sudhirseetharam says:

    We have no religion. the words are reproduced here,
    1) Country
    2) Countrymen
    3) Navy
    4) Our Ship
    5) The Soldier next to me
    6) Family
    Why not our bloody politicians and particularly the opposition take the above words of our brother who is Nation Protectors, let them have the following in their heart. which I say
    1. Their Constituency,
    2. Their men in the remote places of their constituency,
    3. Trying for Better basic factors of life such as food, clothing and shelter for the people of their constituency.
    4. The Nature next to them, the Biodiversity improvements.
    5. Family, they don’t have family, they are resorts lovers..It does not mean to forget their People who have elected them. Let them know, that the voice of theirs should be for the benefit of their country and not for the whims and fancy of their high command, and their dynasty following… shame on them.
    My wishes N S Pavithran, and for the best letter I have read, Politicians please read this letter and digest it into your hearts , Think about India, and work locally, then you will be called as real persons……Message of the Indian force who are working day and night giving the best , giving their chest for danger and protecting the Mother India and its people is great….

  21. Nikhil Sharma says:

    Proud….proud.. Proud…. On navy and naval personals

  22. V.Thiagarajan says:

    I am proud to read the letter written by Pavithran. I am sure you would agree that one should not give too much importance to the media. Media channels are rated higher by the stupidity of the questions they ask and they vie with each other in getting a better TRP by telecasting irrelevant and and negative news. Have you ever seen any media house bringing out any positive news about the defence services? They only keep looking for an opportunity to catch some statement which they can edit and twist to sensationalize.

  23. Parv Trikha says:

    Our media today is taking advantage of the freedom and technology given to it.
    It really shows news in such a way which makes the wrong intention reach the readers. For example if u see Mr.Shah Rukh Khan’s interview, he never says that India is an intolerant country….not even close to it.
    Many media channels just wasn’t news to make money……and this must change for our country to grow !!

  24. PREM SINGH says:

    I am Ex-Navy , participated in 1971 war and after serving the Nation for 13 best years of my life I still carry the same spirit while working abroad/sailing high sea, and believe all defence personnel are embedded & carrying similar one. Very truth & facts written by Shakhti Pavithran, my salute !
    Serving Mother-Land is my RELIGION & PREACH the same to all I amy come in contact.

    Warm regards.

  25. Mukesh bhatt says:

    Sir, nice one

  26. Murtaza Sakarwala says:

    Proud to be an Indian.

  27. Ramarao says:

    Hats off to have given a befitting reply to these biased politicos and their media stooges. I feel pity for the educated reporter who was keeping his job by asking irrelevant questions that too in a crisis. The armed forces personnel are a temple of Indian culture and diversity. They can’t easily be polluted like the general public. See the our young un polluted coming to terms and helping one another and the political parties trying to score a brown point.

  28. Major Chandan retd says:

    Hi there Buddy……just want to tell you, and I m proud and assured in my heart, the spirit of Soilder survives, believe me, times are really tough within the social fabric of our nation, the Politicians & beaurocracy are testing and hitting the armed forces below the belt..sometimes when I see the discontent of serving and ex soilders, with respect to recent developments in relation to forces I fear that, these selfish Politicians and beaurocrats ( exceptions will be there ) would hurt the spirit of forces and that they do not realise would be a very fatal mistake.

    However to cut this short..your words gives a strong message of the Old strong spirit of the Forces maintain this and we shall sail through..VERY RIGHTLY SAID…OUR NATION COMES FIRST…rest all can take there priorities.

  29. As far as Media, whether it is Print or Visual, is concerned India is passing through the DARKEST PERIOD. Our Government should make a note of it and do something to correct it even if it demands harsh punishment.

  30. Kamaludheen Firose , NM says:

    Befitting reply to our opportunistic Media….
    The order mentioned as
    …….1) Country
    2) Countrymen
    3) Navy
    4) Our Ship
    5) The Soldier next to me
    6) Family ……

    is real and we consider our family at the last in our events priority…..IS THERE ANY POLITICIAN or BUREAUCRAT
    seeing this???????

  31. Sachin malik says:

    M from army. All of u know the condition in jk. These guys behave 4 us like anemy. But we do help all these types guy all time. Bcoz we r indian

  32. uma says:

    Well said…

  33. Akshit Rawat says:

    Sir , Proud to be a part of Indian navy……

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