A Must watch video of Tarek Fateh's speech at TED on Partition of India

A Must watch video of Tarek Fateh’s speech at TED on Partition of India

While India is known to have taken birth in 1947 as a modern state, the civilisational ethos of India has survived for ages. Mr Fatah proposes the need to develop a grand narrative of the Indian civilisation that extends beyond the geographical boundaries of the Indian Territory. Narrating the horror of the continuing conflict in Baluchistan, Tarek Fatah supports the cause of Baloch nationalists to be liberated from the control of Pakistan. (These lines were published on Youtube.com).

“Civilisation doesn’t matters, all that matters is borders and borders don’t really make Civilisations. Civilisation occurred when borders exist.” These were the opening lines of Tarek Fateh’s speech at TEDx.

He added: “In 1947, millions of people were killed in the name of hatred by just one man. Today, we blame the man who opposed that man called Mohammad Ali Jinnah.”

Tarek Fateh who is an Indian born in Pakistan said, “I am treated as a Pakistani. I come from Lahore ( A city of Pakistan). I come from the city that was inspiring in its majesty not because it had a majority of Sikh, Hindu or Muslims but because it had the majority of Punjabis who couldn’t figure out who was in the majority.”

“We are Sons and daughters of a civilisation that we inherited, not created. We are great great great grandchildren of great people,” Tarek Fateh.

Watch the video for the full speech delivered by him at TED:

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