Columnist Shefali Vaidya hits out at Priyanka Chaturvedi for targeting alleged right wing for receiving threats, says BJP supporters gets trolled too

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Last week, Priyanka Chaturvedi’s stataement that she was “threatened with ‘rape and death like Nirbhaya’ for just pointing out a BJP spokesperson’s use of innuendo and insinuation to silence me on a TV debate” sparked a controversy on social media abuses.

In a blog post on, Ms Chaturvedi wrote, “So if being a woman wasn’t bad enough to be on these platforms, it is worse to be an opinionated woman from a differing ideology. However if such people and official and unofficial supporters of right wing think they can intimidate me, I am sorry, you have dialed a wrong number here.”

And Priyanka Chaturvedi targeted alleged right wing social media users for the threats and abuses received.

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And hitting out to this statement by Priyanka Chaturvedi, Yesterday, BJP supporter,writer and Newspaper columnist Shefali Vaidya shared her experience of getting threats and abuses on Social Media. She said that we (BJP Supporters) are equally trolled on social media platforms.


“I am sure there are abusive and sick trolls who claim to support the BJP, and they need to be exposed and punished.

But sexual abuse, threats and slander is NOT an exclusive domain of the ‘right wing’ as our media would like you to believe. I have been subjected to threats, sexual abuses, assaults on my family and slander by frustrated Congress supporters for months now, just because I am a vocal supporter of the BJP,” wrote Shefali Vaidya¬†on her Facebook page.

She also told OPIndia about a man’s nasty comment who threatened to attack her child.



Here are some of the pictures which Shefali has shared on her Facebook page which shows how she was threatened and abused on social media for being a vocal supporter of BJP.

  • When her hand shake with the Prime Minister was given a sexual Twist:

Shefali Vaidya

  • See below how she was trolled on Twitter:



  • And here is one guy on Facebook:


Below is the full Facebook Post by Shefali Vaidya:

Few days ago, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said on online trolling that “We have to ignore it, or we have to digest it. And one has to learn to live with it“.

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