Why Delhiites Voted For Kejriwal And What do They Think About Arvind Kejriwal Now? Answer On This Question Is A Must Read

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I am a Delhite and I did vote for Arvind kejriwal in last elections. Though, I don’t have strong political opinions but I would like to explain my views with an analogy to Indian education system.

In my opinion, Arvind Kejriwal is like a scholar. He got admission on the basis of merit.

  • An engineer. Check ( we wanted an educated CM )
  • Honest. Check ( Comparatively )
  • Recommendation letter. Check ( Grounds created by Anna Hazare)

Everyone liked him, teachers had high hopes from him.

So, he joined the class with mights like Modi, some notorious kids like Sheila Dixit,Sonia Gandhi, backbenchers like Rahul Gandhi etc.

He started his session by complaining about the notorious kids and since he was right, teachers made him the monitor of class.

Now, expectations from him, reached a whole new level. Teachers gave him notes and supplementary books too.

And, when the internal exams began,he was supposed to perform well, but he failed.Another chance, not so good performance.

Teachers got worried, they asked him what happened, why couldn’t you perform ?

As a good kid, he should have worked harder but the problem with this kid is that, he doesn’t focus upon his question paper, he is interested in other’s answer sheets.

Rather than focusing upon his performance, he kept on complaining.

“Ma’am, Modi has a cheat sheet.”

” Ma’am, Raga is sleeping in the class.”

“Ma’am, Sheila is a cheater”

And lately, he has started to accuse others for his failures.

Ma’am, modi stole my pen.”

“Ma’am, I don’t have a notebook. “

“Ma’am, LG isn’t issuing me books from library.”

” Ma’am, my question paper is wrong”.

” Ma’am, you are favouring Modi “

and what not.

Also, he cannot digest others performing well. He doesn’t like, modi is working hard. He wants to top the exam not by working hard but by using any stupid, wicked method. Now, he supports bad kids as well just to defame the top performers.

As a good kid, he should focus upon his performance and not envy others.

So, as a Delhite, I consider him an immature, grumpy, stupid kid who is going to fail miserably in his final exams unless he gets his act straight, stops the blame game and focus on his current course rather than preparing for higher studies and extra curriculars.

Source : Answer on Quora By Vaibhav Chawla