Dr. Rupa Murthy wrote an open letter to IIT-Madras student Abhinav Surya who equated Ex-General GD Bakshi’s speech as ‘hate mongering’

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Ex-General GD Bakshi’s speech at IIT Madras has landed him in a controversy. A section of students termed his speech as  ‘hate mongering’. One student among this  section, Abhinav Surya protested against GD Bakshi’s speech and wrote a letter to the IIT director.

In his letter, Abhinav wrote “I am still not able to digest the fact the institute has given a platform to such a speech filled with hatred, instigating violence among the students. A lecture that was heavily loaded with brewing enmity, inhumanity, and glorification of brutality.”

You can read his full letter on The New Indian Express.


To Abhinav Surya’s letter, Dr. Rupa Murthy has given him a befitting reply by writing an open letter.


Here is the letter by Roopa Murthy:

An Open Letter To Abhinav Surya And The Other Intellectuals Of The Ambedkar-Periyar Group .

Dear Abhinav And Co,
I Read The Letter You Have Written With A “Bleeding Heart ” To The Director Of IIT Madras , Where You Are Righteously Expressing Grave Concern About The “Hate Mongering ” By Gen.G.D.Bakshi . I Must Admit I Was Quite Touched By Your Letter .

So I Proceeded To Do A Little Bit Of Research About This Ambedkar-Periyar Group. Naturally ,After Reading Your Letter ,I Was Hoping To See Loads Of Posts /Constructive Ideas And Criticisms/ Inspirational And Motivational Comments By Your Leftist Intellectuals ,On Your Webpage.

I Was Looking Forward To See How The “Cream” Of The Intellectual Brigade ( IIT Afterall) Is Proposing To Peacefully Resolve Kashmir Conflict, Build Our Nation Together, Help Remove This Evil Called Caste System And Caste Based Reservation …Help Uplift The Downtrodden (Again Regardless Of The Caste ) .

Boy Was I In For A Rude Surprise ! All I Could See On The Webpage Was ;
1. Hate For The Brahmins
2. Hate For Hinduism
3. Hate For The Military

As I Probed Further, I Saw How Your Group Calls For Annihilation Of Hinduism ,How Your Group Supports “Bharat Ki Barbaadi”, How Sympathetic You Guys Are Towards Pakistan .

Your Group Supposedly Espouses Secular And Rationalist Thinking .. Great .
Please Explain Which Part Of Calling For “Bharat Ki Barbaadi ” Or Demonising Our Military And Supporting Pakistan, Is Rational Thinking ?

Which Part Of “Annihilate Hinduism” Is Secular Thinking ?

Is Desecrating The Idol Of Ma Durga Or Calling Ma Kali A Prostitute ,A Sign Of Liberal Intellectualism ?

You All Want Caste Based Reservation , But , At The Same Time Want The Caste System To Be Abolished…..
You Are Quick To Spew Venom At The Upper Caste Yet Have No Problem Accepting Their “Hand Outs ” In The Form Of Reservation …

You Are Concerned About Fellow Dalits .. Good To Be Concerned … So How Many Members From Your Group Have Done Anything To Help The Less Fortunate?
Help With Paying The School /College Tuition? How About Caring For Someone’s Medical Expenses?
Raising Funds To Help Feed A Family ?
How Many Of You Are Enlisting In The Armed Forces ?

Other Than The Above Listed Issues , What Exactly Is Your Contribution To Help The Society?

Just So You Know .. An Enemy’s Enemy Is Not Necessarily Your Friend.
You Are Able To Safely Continue With Your Hate Mongering And Wasting Tax Payers Money , Only Because Our Military Is Ensuring All Our Safety.

Jai Hind ,

Dr.Rupa Murthy