Earlier abused Sushma Swaraj, now begged her for help. And what Sushma Ji has done for this man is something which will make you respect her even more

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What will you do when a person who has abused you earlier now comes to you seeking help? Perhaps you will deny helping that person. You may hate that person. Why will I help you? You may say this to him.

But our MEA Sushma Swaraj has done something which earned her more praises. She has helped a man who has abused her earlier. She helped a man who kept abusing Modi Govt his entire life.

We are talking about Faizan Patel. And here is the whole story.

Faizan Patel and his wife were to go to Italy on their honeymoon. But just two days before their honeymoon trip, Faizan’s wife Sana Fatima lost her passport.

But Anyway, he decided to go Italy on honeymoon ‘without his honey’ hoping her wife to find the passport soon. Here is the tweet posted by Faizan:

In one of his picture which Faizan posted from the plane in which he was holding a photo of his wife on the next seat to him, he tagged Sushma Swaraj. Maybe hoping that she will help in the matter. See the tweet below:

And you won’t believe that Sushma Ji replied on his tweet. Here is what Sushma Ji replied:

Now Know who is Faizan Patel and what were his earlier views about PM Modi and Sushma Swaraj. 

He was a big critic of PM Modi and his Government. He even wished death for PM. 

But now, as he was in distress and when Sushma Ji replied on his tweet, he begged Sushma Ji for help. He tweeted:

Hi Ma’m my wife lost her passport two days before our honeymoon trip. 1/2 “.

Here are all the tweets by Faizan to @SushmaSwaraj:




And now see Faizan’s earlier tweets in which he criticised Modi and his Government. See his old tweets which other twitter users are posting tagging Faizan. They are taking a dig at him and making him remember his old tweets in which he abused Sushma Ji and criticised Modi Ji.









See what Faizan tweeted after seeing all his old twitter posts which other users had posted:




And now see how Sushma Ji has helped him to get a new passport for his wife:



See below how Faizan and his wife are now thanking Sushma Ji:






So, this is our Modi Government. And this is how the Ministers of Modi Government works. They don’t care about what people say and think about them. They just know one thing. And that is to do their work with full dedication.

This is not the first time that Sushma Ji helped someone. We have seen it earlier also how she helped people in distress. But this time, what Sushma Ji did makes us respect her even more.

Kudos to Sushma Ji!!


Imagine what would have happened if the same case was happened during Congress Government.

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