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“AAP had a great chance 3–4 months back but with every passing day AAP’s popularity in Punjab is declining. Their 4 MPs are not in talking terms with each other. Bhagwant Mann think himself as a CM candidate but his acceptability is not there in Urban areas. He claims himself as a saint but is famous to be drunk all the times. Even their ex party veteran Yogendra Yadav confirmed the same.

Punjabi adults are slowly realising that AAP are no different. Tomar’s fake degree, Asim ahmed’s nexus with a builder, Gopal Rai’s involvement in corruption as a transport minister, 21 Parliament Secretaries controversy, Kejriwal’s U-Turn on SYL Canal and Kejriwal’s filthy language on twitter against our PM are the main reason that AAP’s popularity is declining day by day. I must admit, they are very popular in youth here.

In coming months, when AAP will declare MLA candidates and their CM candidate’s name, it will surely lead to inner ego clashes in party and many workers will work against the party. If AAP will fight elections without a CM candidate upfront, it will benefit both Akalis and Congress.

In 2014 General Elections, there was no Modi wave in Punjab and strong anti-incumbency against Akalis but still SAD-BJP managed 6 seats out of 13.

Things have changed a lot after that and though there is strong Anti Incumbency against Badals, BJP-SAD still may emerge as Winners in 2017 because of vote polarisation. They have a strong vote base in villages, Punjabi Hindus and Urban Sikhs. Moreover, apart from drug allegations everything else is good in Punjab. Roads, electricity, water, jobs, law and order etc are well maintained. Every state has few issues and so is Punjab. I condemn SAD-BJP state Government for opening so many liquor shops everywhere but end of the day everyone here, drinks like a fish and when they are not high, they blame Government for this. Punjabis themselves are equally responsible for being drug addicts as no one has come and thrust anything in their mouth.

I have studied in GNE, Ludhiana and BBSBEC, Fathehgarh Sahib. I have never seen Cocaine, Opium or even Poppy Husk in my entire 6 years college life. But I have noticed that Punjabi Jatts glorify having Liquor daily, Hukkaas and Zarda (Tobacco). They consider people who don’t drink as losers. Whom would you blame now? Only I know how much embarrassment I have to go through in these 6 years for being a ‘Sofi’ (non-drinker). Should I blame Government for this?

Take an example of some smart citizens that always know where Red-Light areas are but common man will never get to know because he never want to go there at first place. Same is the case with drugs in Punjab. The ones interested to try new kind of drugs, iron out ways somehow with their influence or links and finally get it. Its not openly selling anywhere. This happens in all states IMHO.

The actual figure may be around 10–15% who are involved in drugs and 70% are the ones who take liquor. This is false propaganda against ruling party and the survey sample size was only 600 persons which says 73% are drug addicts. Here is the source:

Now coming to Congress, Congress also has a solid but silent vote bank. Their vote percentage was highest in 2014 elections in General Elections in Punjab but still they got only 3 seats. They can surprise everyone in 2017 too and that would be good because Captain Amarinder Singh is a good leader and have proved his mettle already. He is in Politics for last 40 years and is much more mature than newbies.

Let me give you an example where you will have to choose mature over immature. If you have to hire a bus driver in ‘Manali HP’ who takes poppy husk occasionally but drives there regularly or hire a rookie who is driving the bus first time? Would you take a risk? You never dare to! This is why Delhi Citizens are repenting now.

Perhaps, Congress is the best alternate to BJP-SAD. These both parties may not have a clean slate but they know how to govern.

This is what actual scenario in voting percentage may look like in 2017:

AAP: 31%

SAD-BJP: 39%

Congress: 25%

Others: 5%

I will support SAD-BJP because I don’t want someone who will blame Modi for everything later for his failures.

Last but not least, I would like to say, I am a Punjabi and not a drug addict. (I have not even touched liquor in my entire life.)

Vote wisely, Punjab!”

The article was originally published on Quora by Sunderdeep Singh.

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