RaGa’s Official Twitter Account Hack Was An Inside Job – Here Are The Proofs Exposing Congress’ Conspiracy To Defame Modi

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On Wednesday, official twitter account of Rahul Gandhi and Indian National Congress were hacked and many abusive tweets were posted from the account after the hacking.  The hackers also removed the profile picture of Rahul Gandhi and changed the username from @OfficeofRG to @RetardedGandhi. And after this news broke out,  the internet is going berserk over it.

But was it a hacking or a pre-planned game by the Congress to defame Modi. Let’s expose the dirty game of Congress:

Since the hacking of the accounts, Congress is questioning the digital safety of all Indians. They instead of talking about the hacking of the accounts started attacking Modi’s dream of cashless economy. After the demonetisation, Congress was frustrated and anyhow they wanted to defame and demean Modi. And the reason for their frustration was that people after facing hardship also were supporting PM Modi. So, when Congress  didn’t find anything to defame Modi, they tried this dirty game of twitter hacking.

And here are some of the proofs which are enough to prove that it was an inside job done by Congress only:


Digvijay Singh in the morning at 6:03 AM tweets this:


And after around 14 hours, Rahul Gandhi’s Twitter account gets hacked:


And as it was pre-planned, so, within no time, Congress started attacking lack of safety in the digital economy:

The thing which was common in all the above tweets is the cashless economy is not safe – don’t go for it. Because even if high profile people are under threat, your money will also not be safe. So, Digital India (PM Modi’s big dream) is not the right choice.

But this could be a co-incidence, so let’s come to the next proof:

As per the claims, Twitter removes verified tick as soon as a verified account is hacked but that too didn’t happen in Rahul Gandhi’s case.

Now, next proof:

Here are some of the tweets which say that the probe also suggests that Twitter account was NOT hacked, it was accessed using information from Congress’s internal e-mail servers.

And yesterday, Subramanian Swamy also revealed who hacked the twitter account of Rahul Gandhi. He said: “Accounts were hacked by people who already knew the code and were frustrated by Rahul Gandhi or with whom Rahul Gandhi misbehaved. The people already knew the code have done this and not the outsiders”.

Swamy further revealed that “Rahul Gandhi has annoyed so many people in the office that his mood depends on what he eats”.

 Here is how we can sum it all:
  1. Digvijay Singh tweets about the hacking,
  2.  Raga’s and INC’s account gets hacked,
  3. But verified tick didn’t remove,
  4.  Attack on Digital cashless economy,
  5. Probe suggests it was an insider’s job,
  6. Subramanian Swamy reveals who did it.

If it was pre-planned by the Congress, we can say it was a good attempt by Congress to defame Modi, but they failed miserably. As always !! And if it was done by someone who was an insider of Congress but was frustrated with RaGa, then it was the dumbness of Pappu that why he didn’t change his password even after not having good relation with someone who knew his password.

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