See how Twitter responded on ‘Startup India’ Initiative of PM Narendra Modi

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On Saturday evening, Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched ‘Startup India’ Initiative.

“Today is Saturday and all the Government offices are on holiday mode. And after 6 PM, there is no question of it. And if anyone asks me What’s the difference? Then I’ll say here it is.

I had spoken about Startup India, Standup India on 15th August last year from the ramparts of the Red Fort. And today after around 100 or 125 days, this plan is going to be registered.

Most of the people thinks that if Government will do this, then this will happen. And if Government will do that, then that will happen. But my thinking is quite different. I think that if Government will not do this, then how much can happen.

And today we have gathered here because you will tell us that what the Government should not do. And once we know what not to do, then the Country will reach on new Heights.”

This is how Narendra Modi started addressing the audience at the launching of ‘Startup India’ Initiative. And the response by the audience on his speech was as expected.

Watch the video below for the full Adress by PM Modi at the launch of ‘Startup India’ Initiative:


Below are the salient features of Startup India Initiative launched by PM Modi:
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And now, see how the Twitter responded on Start Up India’ plan launched by PM Modi:

1. Kiran Bedi:


2. Shivraj Singh Chauhan:

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3.Suhel Seth:

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4. Gaurav Pradhan:

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5. Sapna Mishra:

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6. Amitabh Kant:

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Below is the Video for those who missed the launching of ‘Startup India’ Initiative launched by PM Narendra Modi:

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