“You Cannot Fool All People All The Times” – An Open Letter To Kejriwal From An AAP Leader Which Says That The Party Observers In Punjab Involved In Drugs, Ticket Selling, Money Laundering And So Many Immoral Activities

  This open letter to Kejriwal from an AAP Leader can be a huge setback for him. As we all know Kejriwal is trying his best to woo the voters for upcoming Punjab elections. He has given a statement to make Punjab ‘Drug-free’ if he wins the election. But here in an open letter to…

My Ex-Army Serviceman Told Me “Kejriwal Is A Fraud” – Watch NSA Ajit Doval’s View On Arvind Kejriwal And AAP

  “Arvind Kejriwal is a fraud” !! During an interaction session at Virbhadra Management Association, NSA Ajit Doval exposed Arvind Kejriwal’s and AAP’s fraud nature. Ajit Doval was asked whether Kejriwal will change the political discourse. And to this, Doval said “The most important thing for leadership is trustworthiness. But Arvind Kejriwal cannot generate trust….