“TEN LITTLE AAPTARDS” – A must read sarcastic poem by Shefali Vaidya dedicated to Aaptards

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Shefali Vaidya has come up again with a best-suited poem for the Aaptards.

Yesterday’s breaking news was about AAPtard’s Social welfare Minister Sandeep Kumar who has been sacked over alleged sex tape. And he is not the first minister from AAP to be sacked. He is the third minister to be sacked in 18 months. And there are several other AAP Ministers who are booked on various charges.

Shefali Vaidya who is a writer, blogger and columnist has dedicated a sarcastic poem to these booked and sacked AAPtards.

On public demand, She had reloaded her earlier poem for Aaptards. Read Below:


Ten little AAPtards in their topis so fine
Bharti hit his wife and then there were nine

Nine little AAPtards, so honest and straight
Tomar bought a fake degree and then there were eight

Eight little AAPtards agreed to make Delhi a safe haven
Amanatulla threatened a woman and then there were seven

Seven little AAPtards, trying their honest tricks
Manoj Kumar made a shady land deal and then there were six

Six little AAPtards, cunning, not naive
Sharad abetted a suicide, then there were five

Five little AAPtards, knocking at the door
Dinesh molested a woman and then there were four

Four little AAPtards, all very Krantikaari
Sandeep was caught with his pants down, and then there were three

Three little AAPtards, praised Arvind on cue
Mahendra assaulted a public servant and then there were two

Two little AAPtards sat in the assembly having fun
Aseem Ahmed Khan took a bribe and then there was one

One little AAPtard, did Vipashyana under the sun
Very ordinary VIP with a 9 car convoy, he is the only one

– Shefali Vaidya


And here is the poem which Shefali had posted earlier:


Featured Image courtesy: Shefali Vaidya’s Facebook Timeline photo https://www.facebook.com/shefv?fref=ts